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Magnificent stellar landscape captured by NASA: a glittering view of Deep Space

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NASA. LARGE FORMAT. Magnificent photographic landscape capturing a scintillating view of a stellar nursery in Deep Space. Many astronomical phenomena are visible in this giant image, including the cosmic dust and gas clouds that reflect, absorb and re-emit light from the hot young stars within the nebula. The young hot stars in this image are no more than two million years old, and emit high-energy radiation streams. This energy heats up the surrounding dust and gas, while their stellar winds dramatically erode and sculpt their birthplace. When interstellar dust and gas are bombarded by the ultraviolet light of hot young stars, the energy causes them to glow brightly. The diffuse red glow that permeates this image comes from the emission of hydrogen gas, while the shimmering blue light is caused by the reflection and scattering of small dust particles. 2017

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