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Historic photo: Apollo 11 lunar walk as seen from the "EAGLE" module - July 21, 1969

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Nasa. Historic Apollo 11 mission. Fantastic view of the lunar module "EAGLE" as it rises towards the command module of the Apollo 11 mission. The latter remained in orbit around the Moon while astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin accomplished the most extraordinary human feat of all time: walking on the Moon. It's July 21, 1969, the day after the feat, but in fact a few hours after it was achieved, at 20:27 Universal Time. The astronauts began walking on the Moon for about two and a half hours at around 11 p.m. Universal Time, after nearly two and a half hours' preparation. They will remain in the "EAGLE" module for another two hours before returning to the APOLLO 11 command module where Mickaël Collins is waiting for them. In this photo we can "see": 3.5 billion people on Earth following the event live, the two humans in their spacecraft who have just achieved the feat of the "Moon Walk" and the author of the photograph who, during the lunar mission, was alone in the command module and thus the loneliest man in the universe, especially when he passed over the far side of the Moon. July 21, 1969.
Vintage chromogenic print on "THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BU KODAK" paper. Typed caption on back. 20,2x26,6cm with margins.

Automatically translated by DeepL. The original version is the only legally valid version. To see the original version, switch to the French language.

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