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Photograph of the Ring Nebula, Nasa, vintage print, large format

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Nasa. LARGE FORMAT. To obtain this spectacular photograph of the famous Ring Nebula, NASA had to combine photographs from the HUBBLE telescope with those from the Arizona Large Telescope on the ground. The Ring Nebula is a planetary nebula. It is what remains of a star that once resembled our sun. The object's inclination in space allows astronomers to observe its rings from the front. At the end of their lives, most sun-like stars turn into planetary nebulae. Once a star has consumed all its hydrogen, the nuclear fuel that makes it glow, it is transformed into a red giant. The inflated star then expels its outer layers, exposing its hot core.
Vintage chromogenic print. Numbering on front. Legend on back label. 40.6x40.6cm with margins.

Automatically translated by DeepL. The original version is the only legally valid version. To see the original version, switch to the French language.

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