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Photograph of wandering stars in the Pandora cluster, NASA, vintage print

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NASA. LARGE FORMAT. HUBBLE telescope. Fantastic photograph of the star cluster nicknamed "Pandora's Cluster", revealing its ghostly appearance. The total starlight has been artificially coloured blue. This light comes from dead galaxies. These galaxies were torn apart long ago by the gravitational forces of the cluster, and their stars were scattered in what is known as intracluster space - the space between galaxies. These orphan stars roam the cluster without being gravitationally attached to a single galaxy. Galaxies that are not colored blue are either in the foreground or background and are not part of the cluster. 2014.
Vintage chromogenic print. Numbering on front. Legend on label on back. 40,6x40,6cm with margins.

Automatically translated by DeepL. The original version is the only legally valid version. To see the original version, switch to the French language.

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