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Do you wish to sell?

A common interest to the seller and to the auction house

The best way to sell and to make the estimation of a work of art is to pass by the auction house. It is a security of seriousness and serenity because the auction house makes every effort to estimate at best your work of art via authorized professionals and approved.

The auction house should rather obtain the best possible sale price because our fees are proportional in the sale price. Book an appointment with the auction house to put on sale your works of art and make them estimate. During the deposit, a request of sale will be drafted with the precise description of the item, the estimation of the work of art and the various terms of sale.

The commitments of the auction house

The auction house makes a commitment to operate everything to sell your objects.

It includes a broadcasting which will be made by various channels:
    - The sending of catalogs to our clientele of buyers
    - The advertising in the national and international press and the Specialist publications
    - The advertising on the Internet of which a site of live sales
    - The public exhibition of lots before the sale so that the buyers can see your objects

The payment of the sellers

Whatever is the sale, the payment is sent to the seller by bank transfer as soon as possible after the sale and to say the least, after the payment by the buyer.

After the sale

If however your item was not sold during a first auction, he can go back on sale or be sold in the online shop of the web site of the auction house or simply to be getting back to you by appointment.


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