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The next sales

You will find in this section the various upcoming auctions which the auction house plans to organize soon. A number of works of art have already been accepted from various sellers. You can contact the auction house at any time to include an object in connection with the theme of the auction if you have an object that corresponds to the planned sale and that you wish to put up for auction. The auction house evaluates your proposals free of charge and will coordinate with you regarding the arrangements for presenting the object in the auction.

25 Nov. to 04 Dec.

Swatch Sale 538 (lots)

5-15 December 2022

Records & Vinyl

The sale will feature a range of records and vinyls of all generations and nationalities, from English Pop Rock to Country to Classical.

11 December 2022 - 2PM

Great vintages, Wines, Spirits & Tobacco

On the occasion of this sale, bottles of French wine (Grands Crus of Burgundy, Bordeaux...) and foreign wines as well as spirits will be sold. In addition, a selection of cigars, boxes and cases, lighters, accessories and other curiosities will be presented.
January 2023


On the occasion of this sale, the following objects, books, photographs and paintings with a link to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be offered for sale. Historical documents and archives, objects from the Second World War, curiosities, earthenware, postcards, literature, photographs and prints as well as sculptures will be offered.

HIVER 2022


Comics, Drawings, Paintings, Cellulos, Models, Figurines and enamelled plates, Vehicles, Sculptures, Resins, Numismatics, Numbered and/or signed coins, Curiosa, Derivative products, ...
March 2023

jewellery and fashion accessories

Sale of jewellery, bags and fashion accessories. CONTACT E-mail : GSM : (+352)

January 2023

Militaria, Historical Memorabilia, Weapons

On the occasion of this sale, it will be dispersed for the collectors and amateurs of the history of the objects of the XVIIIth century until the 2nd World War: medals, historical books, plans, equipment and uniforms, insignia and military decorations, old firearms and memories of hunting (revolvers, rifles, sabres...), postcards, photographs, costumes...
4 December 2021 - 2PM

Old photos and cameras

Sale dedicated to the theme of photography around the world. OLD PHOTOS, OLD CAMERA & EQUIPMENT

January 2023

Bibliophile - Old Books

On the occasion of this sale will be scattered a large number of literature...


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