Thesaurus linguae Latinae - 1740

Thesaurus linguae Latinae - 1740

ROBERTI STEPHANI (ESTIENNE Robert) : Thesaurus linguae Latinae in IV. Tomos divisus, Typis & Impensis E. & J.R. Thurnisiorum, Basileae, 1740-1743, Rare 1740 edition of Robert Estienne's "greatest monument of Latin scholarship", Folio, four volumes bound in full vellum, title page of Tome I adorned with a Redinger wood engraving with a small portrait of Estienne, solid bindings despite some defects in use (the back of volume 4 is missing), good condition of the paper, Surprising full vellum binding for reuse on which is a handwritten text with drop caps in color (12th-14th). One of the foremost printers of his time, Robert Estienne was asked to either compile a dictionary from the best Latin authors or make one himself; in 1531 he published Thesaurus linguae latinae, which is considered by many scholars to be the foundation of modern Latin lexicography. Moreover, this dictionary made Estienne the "father of French lexicography"


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