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Official Invitations: Prestige dinners for international dignitaries, 1970s

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DYNASTIE. Meeting of official invitations from the Court or the Government on the occasion of official visits: 1) Dinner for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (M. Luns), 1970, 2) Dinner for Count de Selys Longchamps, Belgian Ambassador, 1971, 3) Dinner for the 36th meeting of Finance Ministers, 1970, 4) Dinner for the 44th meeting of Finance Ministers, 1973, 5) Dinner on July 8, 1971, 5) Dinner for Yugoslav President Tito in 1970, with a brochure of the speech delivered, 6) Dinner for French President Pompidou in 1972, 7) (x2) Dinner for Italian President Leone in 1973, 8) Dinner for the Queen of the Netherlands in 1971

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