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Hubble Space Telescope image of the Pillars of Creation

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NASA. LARGE FORMAT. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has revisited the famous Pillars of Creation, originally photographed in 1995, revealing a sharper, wider view of the structures in this visible light image. Astronomers combined several exposures of the Hubble telescope to obtain this wider view. The imposing pillars are around 5 light-years high. The dark finger-like feature in the lower right could be a smaller version of the giant pillars. This new image was taken by Hubble's versatile and highly accurate Wide Field Camera 3.
The pillars are bathed in intense ultraviolet light from a group of young, massive stars at the top of the image. Trails of gas can be seen escaping from the pillars as the intense radiation heats and evaporates them into space. The denser regions of the pillars shadow the material below them due to the powerful radiation. Stars are being born in the depths of the pillars, which are made up of cold hydrogen gas and dust. The pillars are part of a small region of the Eagle Nebula, a vast star-forming region located 6,500 light-years from Earth.
The colors of the image highlight the emission of several chemical elements. Oxygen emission is blue, sulfur is orange, and hydrogen and nitrogen are green.
A number of Herbig-Haro jets have noticeably elongated in the nearly 20-year interval between the two Hubble images. 2014-2015.
Vintage chromogenic print. Numbering in the margin on the front. Legend on label on back. 60,9 X 60,9cm with margins.

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