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Auctions are opened to all persons who have the legal capacity and the financial means to bid, having joined beforehand and who produce documents certifying his/her identity. The buyer must be acquainted with the general terms of sale.
It is advised to come to the exhibitions in our auction room the day prior to the sale to have an idea of the objects put on sale. The collaborators of the auction house are at your disposal for any information concerning objects as well as for the progress of our auctions.

If you can be present at the sale

Our auction room welcomes you to every sale announced on our site. On the spot, a receipt will be given to you against a deposit (in cash, in the form of cashier’s check drawn on a Luxemburg establishment, an imprint of bank card). This receipt will allow you to bid discreetly during the sale. To participate, a clear sign (simple wave of the hand) is enough for indicating to the person managing the sale that you wish to offer a higher bid. In this case, the amount of the bid is left to the judgment of the person managing the sale.

If you cannot be present in the sale

Deposit a purchase order

Our staff will act for your account to be able to buy one or several lots. Complete the form of purchase order by indicating the following information:
    - The lot which interests you,
    - Your address and phone number (name, first name, address, telephone and email address)
    - The maximum amount of your bid (excluding charges of the house of sale)
    - A RIB (BANK DETAILS) and a copy of your ID card
    - Date and signature
A model form is always attached to catalogues.

If you ask to be called during the sale

In this case, you can bid directly during the sale in any discretion, via a member of the auction house, impartial, present on-the-spot. On the other hand, the auction house cannot be responsible of any problem of telephone link. Ask to be called by telephone implied the minimal investment of a bid corresponding to the low estimation indicated on the catalogue.

Live bids

Some of our cataloged public auctions are visible on the internet platform AUCTION.FR. It is then possible to bid without coming to our auction room. You do not pass by the auction house or another third party, as you bid directly yourself from your computer, and your bid will display on a screen directly in the room.
Please inform yourself before the auction that interests you to see if it will be broadcast live.


The payment of your bids is made by bank transfer, bank card, Luxemburg check or in cash up.


The removal of objects acquired during the sale is made after direct payment during the sale or right after that, even the week following the sale, but in every case within a maximum deadline of 1 month. The auction house can arrange to manage for your account the logistics of the transport or the safeguarding certain objects.
Please ask the auction house for information.

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