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General terms and conditions of sale

1. Conditions and Information for Buyers

The sale is subject to Luxembourg law and the conditions mentioned in the catalogs and herein. The Auction House emphasizes the highly informative nature of the information provided below. In addition to the sales conditions, the information informs prospective buyers, referred to as "buyers," on how to buy at auctions. Our team is available to provide you with information and assistance as needed. The sale takes place in the auction format and for cash. All items come from voluntary deposits by the sellers.

2. Buyer's Fees

The buyer will pay to the benefit of the auction house KANERZ ART, in addition to the hammer price, buyer's fees which are considered part of the purchase price. The buyer's fees are progressive and apply in tiers as follows:

  1. From €1 to €4,999, a net fee of 28.88%,
  2. From €5,000 to €9,999, a net fee of 26.66%,
  3. From €10,000 to €49,999, a net fee of 24.44%,
  4. From €50,000 to €499,999, a net fee of 22.22%,
  5. Above €500,000, a net fee of 20%.

In addition, an exit fee of €1 applies to each lot.

Auctions sold on Live auction platforms (, Kanerz Live, etc.) are subject to an additional 3% fee.

Example: An item is sold for €5,600. A fee of 28.88% applies to the first €4,999. Then, a fee of 26.66% applies to the next €601, along with an exit fee of €1.

3. VAT

VAT refund is allowed for exports outside the European Union (EU). Any charged VAT will be refunded to non-residents of the EU, provided they submit a written request to the accounting department within 48 hours after the sale and in accordance with the legal presentation conditions used within the EU.

4. Before the Sale

4.1. Estimates

Pre-sale estimates are provided for informational purposes. Any bid within the range of the low estimate and high estimate has reasonable chances of success. The estimates are provided by experts or based on the accepted market value for the corresponding item.

4.2. Lot Conditions

All goods are sold as-is, in the condition they are in at the time of the sale and without warranty.

4.3. Exhibition Before the Sale

The pre-sale exhibition is open to everyone and does not require an entrance fee. Concerned about your safety on its premises, the Auction House strives to exhibit the objects in the safest manner. Any handling of objects not supervised by the auction house staff is done at your own risk.

5. Auctions

Auctions can be conducted in person, by phone, or through a third party. The auctions will be conducted in euros.

5.1. Bidding in Person

To bid in person at the auction, you must register and obtain a numbered paddle before the auction begins. You will need to present identification and banking references. The paddle is used to indicate your bids to the auctioneer during the sale. If you wish to become the buyer of a lot, make sure your paddle is clearly visible to the auctioneer and that it is your number that is called. If there is any doubt about the price or the buyer, immediately bring it to the attention of the auctioneer. All lots sold will be invoiced in the name and address listed on the paddle registration form, and no changes can be made. In case of loss of your paddle, please inform one of the auction clerks immediately. At the end of each auction session, please return your paddle to the registration desk.

5.2. Proxy Bidding

If you bid in the auction, you do so personally and we may hold you solely responsible for that bid. Any buyer is deemed to be acting on their own behalf, even for movable objects acquired as an agent. The buyer will provide their name, address, and any information requested by the Bailiff.

5.3. Written Orders

If you are unable to attend the auction, we will be happy to execute written orders on your behalf. If you are a first-time client of the auction house, your orders must be accompanied by a copy of your identification and banking references. You will find an order form at the end of each catalog. This service is free and confidential. Lots are purchased at the lowest possible price, respecting other bids and the reserve price. In the case of identical orders, the first one received will take precedence, always indicate a maximum amount not to be exceeded. Unlimited and "buy at any price" offers will not be accepted. Orders must be given in euros.

Written orders can be:

  • sent by email to
  • submitted to the staff on-site during the exhibition or just before the auction
  • submitted via the auction platforms according to the terms specified on these sites.

The auction house takes great care in handling written orders. However, it cannot be held responsible for any errors in transcribing the lots on the "Order Forms". In the event of an error between the lot number and its description, the lot number will be taken into account for the execution of the order. It is the responsibility of the client to be extremely vigilant in this regard.

5.4. Phone Bidding

If you are unable to attend the auction, you can also bid directly by phone. As the number of phone lines is limited, it is necessary to make arrangements at least 24 hours before the auction to secure this service, subject to technical availability. We also recommend indicating a backup bid that we can execute on your behalf in case we are unable to reach you by phone. Staff members are available to bid on your behalf over the phone in English, German, French, or Luxembourgish. Any request for a phone line implies a commitment to at least the starting bid (see the auction procedure section).

5.5. Online Bidding

Drouot Digital & Lotissimo-TheSaleRoom: An additional commission of 4% VAT (3.59% HT) will be added to the invoice.

6. Terms of Sale

The auction is governed by the general terms of sale. Anyone intending to bid must read these terms carefully. They can be modified by posting in the sales room or by announcements made by the person authorized to conduct the sale.

6.1. Access to lots during the sale

For security reasons, access to lots during the sale will be prohibited.

6.2. Conduct of the sale

The person authorized to conduct the sale will start and continue the bids at the level he deems appropriate and can bid successively or bid in response to other bids, on behalf of and for the account of the seller, up to the reserve price. Bids will start between 2/3 and 3/4 of the low estimate at the discretion of the person authorized to conduct the sale. If it is established that 2 or more bidders have simultaneously made an equivalent bid on the same object, either aloud or by sign, and they claim this object at the same time after the pronouncement of the adjudication, the said object will be immediately put back up for auction at the price of the last bid, and the public will be admitted to bid again. In the event of equal bids between an order received previously from the Auction House and an order in the room, the order in the room will have priority.
No claim will be admissible once the adjudication has been pronounced.
The person authorized to conduct the sale reserves the right to refuse any bid, to make any decision, meeting or withdrawal of lots without having to justify his decision.
In case of adjudication error, the lot will be immediately put back up for auction. The person authorized to conduct the sale will sovereignly settle without appeal any dispute that may arise about the bids during the sale.

7. After the sale

7.1. Payment

Payment must be made immediately after the sale. A receipt will be given for this purpose. Payment can be made:

  • By bank check in euro drawn on a Luxembourg bank;
  • In cash in Euro for amounts less than 15,000 euros;
  • By credit card: Visa or Mastercard
  • By transfer in euro, to the Auction House on the following account:
    Bank: POST Luxembourg
    Account holder: KANERZ ART SàRL
    Bank address: 20 Rue de Reims L-2417 Luxembourg
    IBAN: LU83 1111 7107 6344 0000

Don't forget to indicate your name and the number of your adjudication slip on the transfer form.

7.2. Default of payment

In the absence of immediate payment for people on site, the object is resold to the mad bid of the adjudicator, the latter being liable for the difference between the two adjudications when it is negative.

7.3. Removal of purchases – Storage fees

Purchases can only be removed after their payment. All lots can be withdrawn after the sale, upon presentation of the delivery authorization from the Auction House's accounting department. We strongly recommend buyers to take delivery of their lots after the sale. The tolerance of a storage does not engage the responsibility of the Auction House in any way, the object being under the exclusive guarantee of the buyer as soon as the adjudication is pronounced. Storage fees will be charged to buyers who have not removed their purchases 30 days after the sale, at a rate of 10 € per day and per object.

8. Catalog indications

The indications given in the catalog are established by the Auction House with the diligence required for a voluntary sales company of art objects at auction, subject to corrections posted in the sales room before the opening of the sale or those announced by the person authorized to conduct the sale at the beginning of the sale and recorded in the minutes of the sale. The indications will be established taking into account the information given by the seller, the scientific, technical and artistic knowledge and the generally accepted opinion of experts and specialists, existing at the date when the said indications are established. The information collected on the registration forms is mandatory to participate in the sale and then for the consideration and management of the adjudication. You can know and correct the data concerning you, or oppose for legitimate reason to their subsequent processing, by sending a written request accompanied by a copy of your identity document to the sales operator by mail or by email.

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