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Historic lunar landscape captured by the space probe

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NASA. View of the lunar surface taken by the LUNAR ORBITER IV space probe (Frame #187) during its 33rd lunar orbit on its photographic mission around the Moon on June 2, 1967. Thanks to a complex mechanism of shooting, developing and scanning in lunar orbit, the data can then be teletransmitted to Earth from the Moon and developed by NASA's laboratory. This image was taken from a height of 1,690 miles above the lunar surface. The site's selenographic coordinates are approximately 89° West longitude and 15° South latitude. The dark basin in the lower left of the photograph is "MARE ORIENTALE", which has a diameter of approximately 186 miles. The irregular dark area stretching lengthwise is "MARE VERIS" (The Spring Sea"), running at the foot of "ROOK MOUNTAINS". This wide basin is interpreted to have been created by the impact of a large meteorite and is only now being filled in by more recent volcanic eruptions.
Vintage silver print. NASA logo and typed caption on back. 25.5x20.5cm with margins.

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